Why do I think androids phones are superior to apple?
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Image: Credit-Cnet

Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are Os’s used primarily in mobile technology, like smartphones and tablets.

Android, which is Linux-based and partly open source, is a lot more PC-like than iOS, because its interface and basic features are often more customizable; though, iOS’ uniform elements of design can be considered being more user-friendly.

There is hardly any serious individual who does not own a Smartphone, so, choosing your smartphone and tablet must be done with some carefulness or switching from iOS to Android or or viceversa; as you may need to buy apps again inside Google Play or Apple App Store.

Android has become a popular choice Os in most used smartphone platform and is used by many different phone manufacturers. iOS is just suited for Apple devices.

Apple and Google have both recently unveiled their upcoming mobile operating-system updates, with Apple’s final iOS 8, while Android L are going to be released later this autumn. Google’s offering is Android L, while Apple’s is iOS 8.

In terms of latest features, both Android L and iOS 8 have numerous.

Both Google and Apple have added result-oriented tools for developers that might want exciting new capabilities.

iPhone vs. Android

An Android-powered smartphone brings distinct and important benefits to wireless shoppers:

  1. Android phones are money-savers! Android offers you awesome NFC technology: Near Field Communication technology available on certain Android phone models provides the particular and convenience that is included with Google Wallet.
  2. Android gives you the power of choice: it is possible to choose between major carriers like Verizon wireless carrier, Sprint, and T-Mobile a selection of leading phone manufacturers as well as Globacom, MTN, Airtel and Etisalat . SIMs can easily be inserted into the SIM slot. Power of preference means consumers have leverage that holds down costs and saves them cash on their wireless choices.
  3. There’s more: Android smartphones are also readily available amongst leading prepaid phone carriers too!

Android-powered smartphones mean the liberty to choose the design that most suits you.

  1. No rigid design parameters; you can select amongst the widest range of sleek Android phone designs in order to find the look that appeals most to your individual taste.
  2. Expandable memory slots. You expand the storage of your android mobile phone, that means you’ve got versatility as well as the power to grow your phone alongside the growing demands you’ve got upgrade your wireless device.


If you are seeking simplicity of use, individuality, plus the cost savings coupled with the power of choice, then the lineup of Android smartphones may be the right choice!

For Apple loyalists, the mere thought of dumping the iPhone and switching to Android is sufficient to send shivers down their spine.

Writing at CNET, longtime iPhone user Luke Westaway shared his tale of making the leap to Android. The writer explained how the iPhone has become his primary handset considering that the iPhone 3GS first debuted, but he chose to yield to Android when his newest iPhone was stolen recently.

Westaway was nervous about making the jump on the iPhone to Android, especially considering how dramatic the switch has been for a lot of people.

So, what actually happened when Westaway took the leap? “Not much by any means.”

The writer noted that there were some initial issues making the adjustment, as well as the first handset he tried — the Galaxy Note 3 — was much too big to for comfortable use. “But within a couple of days he began to develop a strong emotion towards Android, either negative or positive, he wasn’t able to tell,” he explained.

Westaway wrote that the major reason the switch was done was simple; that almost the many apps and services he used on his iPhone were easily available on Android for free.

Finally, however, both platforms are comparable and most able to get a the job done; but I must confess apple has a lot of catching up in terms of pocket friendliness.

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Truecaller gets over 100M Registered Users with better apps features

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TrueCaller on Nokia Symbian

Call ID and blocking service Truecaller has made its Android app more intuitive today and simultaneously announced that it has crossed 100 million registered users.

The Swedish company, which raised $60 million in October, helps users identify incoming callers to root out unwanted spam and marketing calls without the pain of having to answer them. Building on those base blocks, today’s update introduces predictive features which it believes turns its service into a calling app that supersedes the default option on Android.

Six-year-old Truecaller wants to make the process of reaching people less tedious and taxing, and its new ‘suggested contacts’ feature can help you figure out who you need to call based on your location, time of day and call history.

For example, if you regularly call your other half when you finish work at 5:30pm, Truecaller will offer that up as a calling suggestion if you are in the app around home-time.

“The more you use it, the smarter it gets, and the app will eventually be able to help do the work of knowing who to call so you no longer have to scroll through unnecessary tabs,” the company explained in a statement.

Beyond handling calls, Truecaller also offers an ‘integrated’ phonebook, that’s to say that it marries your contacts’ telephone numbers with their presence on social media, email address, etc. Now the Android app will update your in-app phonebook with these social media details and photos.

The company has also invested in search. Beyond looking through your own contact list, the app will let you peruse its master list of more than 1.5 billion contacts — that includes its existing integration with Yelp which serves up business contact info.

Other changes include a new UI that lets you call or text contacts with a single swipe.

The updates have come to the Android version first, and the company tells us that it will bring the core features to its iOS and Windows Phone apps in early 2015. “Our ambition is to have a congruent experience across all platform, however certain features will be tailored depending on operating system guidelines with the devices,” a spokesperson further explained.

Truecaller previously told us that it is seeing strong uptake from emerging markets, and Latin America and Asia in particular, so it makes sense that it is placing a lot of emphasis on Android, which has dominant marketshare in these regions.

That concept is starting to gain ground with users, it seems. Truecaller claimed 85 million registered users when it closed funding in October and now it has surpassed 100 million. The company said it was seeing 150,000-200,000 new users signing up per day two months ago, and it told us that this figure has now doubled.

Truecaller is far from the only company playing in the ‘smart calling app’ space. Google itself added more social graph-powered features to Android with last year’s KitKat update, and it continues to work on enhancing its stock messaging and phone apps. India-focused messaging app Nimbuzz is now a close rival after launching a calling app for Android, called Holaa, which could provide competition in emerging markets, especially if Nimbuzz can leverage its existing distribution channels to gain downloads.

Culled from Techcrunch.com

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Mom Will ‘Never Be the Same’ After Son’s Murder by Online Gaming Partner
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murdered by online gaming partner


The American mother of a 14-year-old boy killed by an online gaming partner in Britain says she did everything she could to protect her son: She limited his access to electronics, installed parental controls and forbade him from using the same server as a boy she had grown suspicious of.

However, though Lorin LaFave, 47, said she warned both British police and her son, the boy, Breck Bednar was murdered by someone he met online on Feb 17.

Computer engineer Lewis Daynes, 19, pleaded guilty last month to Breck’s stabbing murder that day in Daynes’ house in Grays, Essex, England. The teenagers had been playing games online for several months, despite LaFave’s efforts to put an end to their relationship.

Police Have Leads in Murder of Girl, 5, On Grandpa’s Lap

Connecticut Woman Accused in Murder-for-Hire Plot Faces Trial

Mystery of McStay Family’s Disappearance Ends With Arrest

Police discovered Breck at the house with knife wounds. They gave first aid but the Christian school student was declared dead by medical staff a short time later.

Daynes was arrested at the scene and charged with murder. Last month, in an unexpected turn of events, he pleaded guilty of stabbing Breck.

Now, LaFave originally from Waterford, Michigan, but now living in England, is behind an effort to raise awareness about what she says are dangers of online gaming.

“I want Breck’s tragedy to help open the eyes of everyone to recognize the dangers of online predators,” she said in a statement. “It is a very real danger today.”

“People think it only happens to anti-social kids, but it’s just not true,” she told ABC News.

LaFave described Breck, a member of the British air cadets, as a relaxed and warm-hearted boy who had plenty of friends.

He was passionate about computing and played online games with his friends after school, according to his mother. He also played online with Daynes.

At the time, LaFave thought Breck was growing out of the gaming world, that we would finally be interested in girls and go back to enjoying time with his family.

Nevertheless, LaFave was aware of Daynes’ existence and had been suspicious of him for months.

One day, LaFave got a text message from her ex-husband saying Breck had not showed up, although he was supposed to stay with his dad for the weekend. Breck evidently had gone to meet Lewis Daynes, instead.

A few hours after the text message, Breck’s siblings started receiving messages from friends saying their brother had been killed. According to LaFave, Daynes took photos of Breck and posted them on social media.

The reports were soon confirmed by police, and LaFave said she broke down and will “never be the same.”

Daynes will face sentencing on Jan. 12.

In March, LaFave created The Breck Bednar Memorial Fund to promote online awareness for teenagers and their parents. Her slogan: “Play virtual, live real.”

The LaFave family is filing a legal action against Essex and Surrey Police over the handling of the case.

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Samsung wants to manufacture some of its mobile from Vietnam
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Posted by Admin on November 10, 2014 in Market, Tech Peril | Short Link
samsung Vietnam smarthphone factory

BBC- Samsung Electronics has announced plans to spend up to $3bn (£1.8bn) to create a new smartphone factory in Vietnam.

The facility would operate alongside another $2bn plant the company already runs in the country, which began production in March.

Intel, LG, Panasonic and Microsoft’s handset unit are among other tech firms to have expanded manufacturing in the country over the past couple of years.

It marks a shift away from China.

Experts say the combination of tax breaks and a relatively cheap workforce make the country an appealing base when compared with its northern neighbour.

“In a way China is a victim of its own success – it’s becoming so successful as an economy that it’s becoming too expensive to do a lot of the manufacturing it used to attract,” said Daniel Gleeson, a senior analyst at the IHS Technology consultancy.

“A lot of the manufacturers run at extremely tight margins. Even smallish cost savings by relocating to Vietnam versus China can represent a substantial competitive advantage, and driving down costs can be paramount.

Vietnam’s government had previously said Samsung’s smartphone assembly lines would not need to pay corporate taxes for four years, and only half the normal rate for the following nine years should the firm meet the terms set out in its investment applications.
Smartphone nation

Android malware, Koler new attack tricks
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Mobile malware creators prey on the fears of users who are unfamiliar with how it works. For example, Koler claims to encrypt all the data on a phone. However, it doesn’t do that, so the data is always recoverable from the phone without any dependence on Web predators. Removing the malware is relatively easy, but “the typical user isn’t going to know that,” said AdaptiveMobile’s Cathal McDaid.

Malware writers behind Koler, a bad app that attacks Android devices, have upped their game with a new variant of the pernicious program.

In its original version, Koler hijacked phones it landed on and wouldn’t set them free until a ransom was paid. This latest strain of the malapp also does the ransomware thing, but it takes its malignancy a step further.

After a user downloads the new Koler to a phone, the software commandeers the mobile’s address book and spams everyone in it — only it doesn’t look like spam to the contacts because the SMS message is coming from a trusted source.

The message tells targets that a photo page has been created about them on the Web and includes a link to the page. After landing on the page, a target is directed to download and install a photo viewer to see the images. Following those instructions will infect the target’s phone with Koler.

Moreover, removing the malware is relatively easy. You can reboot Android in safe mode and kill the malignant program using standard application-removal tools.

“If you reboot the phone normally, it’s always going to come back into the ransomware,” said Cathal McDaid, AdaptiveMobile’s head of data intelligence and analytics.


Microsoft Lumia, How does it fit?
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nokia Lumia to Microsoft Lumia

BBC – Microsoft can’t wait to have its name on a LUMIA.

Nokia mobile phone Enthusiasts should start getting used to Microsoft for a change.
Nokia brand name on mobile is gradually been removed from smartphones previous branded with Nokia as a result the brand name Microsoft will be replacing it, and the first of Nokia phone to get renamed is Nokia Lumia which now will be called Microsoft Lumia.

Microsoft will continue to do this changes until we wont remember that Nokia was a popular mobile smartphone name.

You remember that Microsoft payed over $7 billion for that to happen less than a year ago, so Nokia is happy with that.

A post on Nokia France’s Facebook page confirmed the branding shift.

The announcement comes despite Microsoft agreeing to a 10-year deal to use the Nokia name on mobile products, Obvious Microsoft can’t wait to have its name on a LUMIA.

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