Living A Profitable LifeStyle: Finance and Choices

Creating a positive financial lifestyle:

In other to create a positive financial lifestyle, you must be honest about the small financial decisions as well as large ones. Going into dept is a form of financial infidelity, being heavily in debt is not healthy way to handle your finances.

The earlier you start saving money for your retirement years, the better for your retirement lifestyle. When you need help, know that Seeking the help of a financial planner can help you set your priorities right, When you taking this step, it adds to your overall well-being.

Knowing what is right or what is wrong.

We all tend to approach decisions about right and wrong in one of the following ways.

  • First, there are those people who think that the results make all the difference. Why won’t you lie? Will it hurt people; will the results have a negative effect?

  •  Second, there are those people who follow the rules. Why won’t you lie? There’s a rule that says to always tell the truth, “to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

  • Thirdly, there are those individuals who are neither interested in either results or rules. They are interested in the kind of person you are–a person of compassion or courage. Why won’t you lie? Because I’m an honest person, a truthful person; that’s just the kind of person I am. Results; rules; character traits–all are important parts of what forms our lifestyle.

Ethics is always more than just what we might like or dislike, always more than rash opinion. My choice of cutting or increasing my intake of certain food is not an ethical choice; it could merely be the chemistry of my taste buds and nutritional concerns.

We need to remember this. How we decide is just as important as what we decide. The belief that moral judgment begins with these intuitions and that only later we can search for a reason to justify our reactions may not be right after all.

When you are faced with a serious moral issue or question, how do we react or on which side do you tilt. That’s your lifestyle unveiled. Your gut, it feels good syndrome is an apology in cultivating a positive moral lifestyle. Be true to yourself and others.

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