How To Connect Laptop Computer To Internet Through Cell Phone

Since the advent of GSM in Nigeria up until recent times where internet connection has been best using VSAT or cable Modem, Most service providers: Spectranet, Smile, GLO, MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, VISA provides adequate internet connection and speed for most things you would want to do online.

Wanting to use your phone’s internet connection from these carriers to browse on your laptop can actually be a smart idea if you are working with a budget for internet usage, in fact I feel there is no use paying for a two or more internet connections when you are only effectively able to use one connection per time.

The type of phone you need

Most modern smart phone can actually be used:Android, Motorola droid, Samsung, Nokia, iPhone, Treo, Palm OS, Windows mobile, Blackberry. Before you buy checked to see if the phone allow tethering. If the phone does not support tethering ensure the phone can be be synchronized with your laptop via Bluetooth or USB data cable and included software which comes as part of the connection package. Most new cell phones have a data port which allows you to connect the cell phone to other devices like your laptop.

What’s Tethering: Tethering is the use of a mobile device such as a mobile phone to supply Internet access for another device which is otherwise unconnected, using the mobile device as a modem. This can be done through Bluetooth wireless technology or cables. Tethering has been used to gain access to the Internet since mobile devices started using their networks to give users Internet access, but has increased in prevalence due to Internet connectivity in modern cell phones and laptops.

Most cell phone manufacturers makes tethering relatively easy to configure. Your ISP must include an direct connection to the internet through its internet access point.

Steps to effect the connection

1. If the phone support tethering, just enable tethering on your phone and enable its Bluetooth

2. Enable Bluetooth on your laptop or use the USB data cable to connect to the connection port on your phone.

3. Open control panel and click Internet option and click connection and Click add and choose dial-up connection.when the dial number is asked, type this number*99#.

4. Finish then go to start menu and go to connect to and click the connection you created. Then a dialog box will appear. Choose the option dial, then you will be connected. You can now browse with your laptop.

5. If your phone does not support tethering then you will need to use synchronizing, Install the software on your laptop.

6. Connect your phone to the laptop using the Bluetooth or data cable

7. Open the software and click to connect and choose through Bluetooth or data cable depending on what kind of connections. And that’s it.


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