How to choose a power bank that is packed full of juice to fully charge 2 or mobile devices

Mophie Powerstation 6000

Purchasing online a good power bank may seem far fetched, however in these days when pizza are easily delivered to homes and offices; what stops the delivery of power bank purchased online power bank.

When you need to recharge you smartphone on the go, you will need a “UPS”. No, a mobile power banks not a power horse.

A good power bank can in a sense deliver convenient power like a power horse.

Smartphone use serious computing resources and energy and because they supplied with a limited and compact battery whose energy cannot be sustained for prolonged used especially when we browse youtube, facebook and do skype calls.

And without an available source for recharging our most treasured gadget, will go blank and we are cut off from the rest of society.

The situation will remain the same as long as we are not in a place where we can recharge our phone or we out doors without a power bank.

In order to keep you device always powered on you will need a movable mobile external power bank.

Now here are 5 important considerations before purchase online a power bank without breaking your bank.

Power bank that’s Handy:

Movability is the key to for a power bank to be considered handy.

It is not a situation where you have carry a UPS for ready power supply. When we need to carrying convenient, I should be light weight and should not feel like a drag.

Choose a power bank that’s easy to carry.

Must have charging port that well-matched all mobile devices

The power banks we purchase should be charging friendly with a varied devices like a iPad, android phone, iOS, HTC, Microsoft products, etc.

It should have accessories that can extend its compatibility to devices like digital cameras and smart watches.

Pack more energy in its small size

The power banks should be able store much energy compared to its size. A good power bank should be able to fully charge 3 to 4 your devices at ones.

Some remote villages don’t have electricity and when you visit don’t forget to carry a power bank.

Power bank should be reliable

There was a power bank I bought onetime; I charged it for some hours until it was fully charged. When I went for a walk with it and decided to test my power bank.

It did charge my phone for a long time but I did not notice any difference in battery indicator from the time I started charging until the power bank was completely drained of juice.

If you want to purchase a power bank online and you know your devices would require loads of energy why not buy 12000mah power bank online.

Some manufactures of power banks



Some very reliable power banks you can buy online:

  1. Mophie juice pack powerstation XL 12,000mAh Portable Charger (2492PWRXLBLK) – Black


  1. The powerstation XL offers an incredibly long-lasting universal battery for easy charging of your compatible
  2. The devices. Boast a massive 12,000mAh battery, the XL is fully capable of charging two tablets simultaneously
  1. With the fastest output possible so you can get back to your day.
  2. Offers up to eight complete battery charges for most smart phone devices and the ability to charge two devices at once
  3. Special high out battery that allows for ultra-fast charging and able to switch between 500mAh, 1A, and 2.1A charge
  4. Integrated four-LED charge status indicator and ability to charge virtually any smart phone and mini USB device in the world


Width: 11.43 cm

Height: 2.31 cm

Depth: 7.11 cm

Weight: 312.4 g

Warranty Parts: 1 Year(s)

Some Review:

  1. Alli Beaulieu, from Canada, Jan 13, 2017

Amazing product I’m going to Cambodia in Febuary and this is ideal because it can charge two devices at once. It is super compact and has a lot of energy capacity. The size is perfect and can easily be packed. I absolutely love and recommend this product for travelers who have a long flight ahead of them!

  1. Adrian, from Calgary, AB   Jul 05, 2015

Pretty good Great product that does what it advertises as it charges my phone and tablet really fast and a single charge lasts a while too.

The only reason why I didn’t give it 5 starts is cost, weight of the unit, and it does take a long time to charge up even if plugged into a USB wall adapter.

  1. Rick , Jul 21, 2016

This thing is a monster! First of, the device is advertised as no bigger than a box of cards. NOT TRUE. It’s quite a bit bigger and way heavier.

But it has the power output to make up for it. The device itself charges quickly, it charges your connected device quickly, AND it can charge two devices at the same time.

With this bad boy I will never have to turn in early from a long day of playing Pokemon GO!

Great battery, doesn’t charge fast

Holds a good amount of juice, however when it comes to charging your devices it could be better.

Charging your devices takes forever and if you’re using it while actively using a battery sucking app then it can’t even keep up with the drain.

  1. CumbayaKid, Originally Apr 22, 2016

Simply? Wow. My wife and I rely on our Mophie “brick” to keep our smartphones, camera batteries, tablet and laptop going in a pinch. Small and compact, we charge it on a wall outlet using a USB converter.

Quickly revives our flagging devices while on the go. Easy to use and dependable. Love it.

  1. Dizzle 29 Jan 2017

Quality, This portable charger, although a little on the heavy side, is solid and reliable. Saving me, and my friends, on multiple occasions.

The fact that you can connect anything that uses a USB cable makes it incredibly flexible.

The auction of this battery is great but the overall size is a little bulky Excellent power source.

This product provides all-day charging for devices when you do not have access to other power sources. So much better than those little sticks that are useless! My only complaint is it is heavy to carry around all day.

  1. Jonalisa Nov 10, 2015

best way to stay powered up long days run batteries down… this battery holds enough charge to keep multiple items running even on the longest days.

Not much bigger than many of the other chargers on the market, but definitely one of the better ones!

  1. Mophie juice pack powerstation mini USB Battery Pack 2056JPUPWRMW) – White


  1. The Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Mini is a convenient source of on-the-go power for your smartphone.
  2. Compatible with all iPhones and iPods, it boasts a high current battery and electronics to speedily charge your device up to two times faster than standard USB batteries.
  3. 2500 mAh device charges at up to 1 amp output and features a black soft-touch exterior. Four-light “invisible” LED status indicator. Built-in short circuit
  4. Overcharge and temperature protection and enables maximum power transfer between battery and device with improved conversion efficiency.


Portable Charger Battery Type: Lithium Polymer

Colour: White

Specific Device Compatibility: iPhone; iPod

Portable Charger Battery Capacity: 2500 mAh

Output Ports/Connectors: 1 x Mini USB – Female; 1 x Mini USB – Male

Power Source: External Battery

Input Voltage: 5 V DC

Output Voltage: 5 V

Output Power: 9.25 W

Output Current: 2500 mA

Total Cable Length: 88 cm

Width: 9 cm

Height: 5 cm

Depth: 1 cm

Weight: 82 g

Warranty Parts: 1 Year(s)


  1. Stan from Ottawa, ON Sep 16, 2016

Compact & Convenient incredibly compact design, measuring about the size of a standard business card and fits in my pocket nicely without being too bulky. It provides me with a full charge of my iPhone 6 and some juice to spare – four

stars because of what I had mentioned, only (short) downfall is that I wished it charged a little quicker

  1. Mophie powerstation 4000 mAH Portable Charger (2032JPPWRSTNG) – Black/Silver


  1. Powerstation comes in. Compact and lightweight, this 4000mAh chargeable battery provides a quick charge to practically any USB device in the world.
  2. 4000mAh rechargeable external battery gives you plenty of power
  3. Extremely versatile device rapidly charges almost any device that uses USB, including smartphones, tablets, and portable gaming systems and can switch between a 500mAh, 1A, and 2.1A charge
  4. Charges Apple, Android, Blackberry and other devices
  5. Quickly verify the charging status with the 4 integrated LED charge status indicator with sleek, black soft-touch finish with stainless steel outer


Portable Charger Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Colour: Black & Silver

Portable Charger Battery Capacity: 4000 mAh

Width: 5.79 cm

Height: 10.38 cm

Depth: 1.35 cm

Weight: 0.12 g

Warranty Parts: 1 Year(s)

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