Discover 7 cheap spec iPhone 4s cases before you upgrade to iPhone 7

cheap speck iphone 4s cases-Sena Lugano Case

Sena Lugano Case ($15)

This cheap speck iphone 4s cases made of high quality genuine leather, Sena’s snap-on cases are simply stunning. It suitable for your iPhone 4S smartphone

The keep your phone neatly secured from scratches and damage from falls.

This 4s spec phone cases is well recommended for people who have curious kids that will keep their inquiring fingers off your device.
Your camera aperture is not obstructed from view.

Trident Aegis Case ($39)

If you put silicone together with a poly-carbonate shell, you get a pretty solid level of protection for your phone. This iPhone 4s cell phone cases meets military standards for drops and vibrations.

There’s nothing unusual about Trident’s dual-layer design, but the circular cut-away on the back that reveals the Apple logo is a nice touch.

This case also includes a screen protector, built-in dust filters, and covers for the buttons and ports. It still looks rugged, even in pink.

Slickwraps Gamuza Ultrasuede Wrap ($20)

There are alternatives to traditional cases and covers for your iPhone 4S. Slickwraps is all about decals that are precision cut to be applied to your phone and lend it an entirely new look.

These ultrasuede wraps feel really plush and offer a little protection from scratches. They come in various alternative finishes from wood to metal to leather and beyond.

They’re not going to do much to save your phone from drop damage, but they are stylish.

Dodocase Hardcover ($35)

We love these book-style cases for tablets, but you can get them for smartphones, too. The Hardcover variety for the iPhone 4S is just like a cute little pocket-sized book.

The cases are lightweight and covered in a wide choice of different patterned fabrics. You actually fit your iPhone 4S with an adhesive, which seems secure, although the frame in the tablet versions might be preferable.

There is an elastic closure to keep the case closed when you put it away. It costs an extra $10 to get a monogram embossed on the front.

Body Glove Icon Hybrid ($7.50)

cheap speck iphone 4s casess-Hex Axis Wallet for iPhone 4-4SThe Body Glove is cheap spec iphone 4s cases but uniquely effective. An inner gel layer does the standard impact wrapping task and secures your device from damages from drops and smashes.

And it keeps your precious gadget fresh and clean in the long term. A two piece outer shell slides together on the outside to deflect any potential damage.

It has a soft touch finish that’s comfortable to hold. The three pieces are contrasting colors gives it a nice look and there are cut outs for the camera and controls.

The current price reduction makes this a real bargain.

Mophie Juice Pack Pro ($130)

If you’re off adventuring in the outdoors then a combination of rugged protection and extra juice to keep your iPhone ticking is always welcome.

This is an expensive case, but it includes a 2500mAh battery to keep your iPhone 4S powered for more than twice the usual time.

There are also four separate layers of protection, so you needn’t fear rain, dirt, drops, or shocks.

The rubberized cover is easy to grip, a belt clip is included, and the whole package has an angular, rugged look to match the functionality.

Hex Axis Wallet for iPhone 4/4S ($50)

Hex Axis is a classic genuine leather wallet in textured red or black that provides stylish protection.

The Hex Axis has an elastic closure and flips open like a book to reveal a molded frame for your iPhone on the right and three card slots, plus a pocket for cash on the left.

The only slightly unusual thing about this leather wallet is the inclusion of a camera cut out so you can capture photos without having to remove your iPhone from it.

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