Blueparrott b250 xt troubleshooting and frequently asked questions

Find below some Blueparrott b250 xt troubleshooting guides:

Blueparrott b250 xt won’t connect?  

You have tried pairing it to your iPhone, Samsung, Nokia Infinite android phone or Microsoft with same

To be able to resolve this problem, turn off both devices then turn on your phone making sure your Bluetooth option is “ON” on your phone and Blueparrott b250 is turn on the blueant press and hold both volume buttons, while doing that, press the ANT button.

Your blueant should be flashing fast right now and your iphone should be able to find it.
Complete the pairing by selecting the blueant headset on your iphone and enter the code “0000”, Problem should have been fixed

Blueparrott B250-xt not charging?

Depending on how much you use this item, how often you charge it and what type of battery is in it; you could have a bad battery. What you are showing as issues, the battery should not cause this problem.

If your headset is showing a green light when it is plugged into the charger it means the battery is receiving power.

If you remove the unit from the charger and you try to turn it on and it does not turn on or function properly there is likely an issue with one of the control circuits. It could mean your Blueparrott B250-xt need service.

The VXi, Blueparrott B250-XT has a one year repair warranty from date of purchase. Please call our After Market Services Department at 800-742-8588 x2011 to obtain a return authorization number (or RA#). After you have received your RA# you may send us your headset to us via any means you choose (prepaid) with your RA# marked on the package, please include a copy of your invoice or receipt. If you do not have a copy of your proof of purchase we use the production date in the serial number as the warranty default start date.

The After Market Services group will either replace your unit with like new product or repair your headset as necessary. In either case, our goal is to turn the unit around for outbound shipping in two business days (please note this goal can be affected by volume at the time your unit arrives

How do I listen to music on my blueparrot b250-xt from my android Phone?

The main problem is the wire that connects the little white sound box to the controller (commonly called the puck) the end of the wire that connects to the white volume control box is the problem; the wires may be weak in this end.

Generally check your connections and try move the plug slightly side by side and if it still persist get a new headset.

Why does it disconnect as soon as I push the MFB to give it a command?

If you can work on the phone one call and its fine and then next and it is not, I would lead more toward Damaged Device, Bad Bluetooth receiver, driver corruption, and environmental interference.

A first step to Blueparrott b250 xt troubleshooting would be to try the headset and device in another PC to verify that the drivers are not corrupt and that the environment is not causing the problem. If all works well then you need to diagnose the issue with the other computer and or environment

Blue parrot b250-xt will not turn on.

You have been using your blueparrott b250 xt hitch free and all of a sudden you cannot use the multi function switch to make calls. What you can do to rectify this problem.

First try to put off your cell phone and then turn your cell phone and repeat it for some time if it is ok, try to see if your  blueparrott b250 xt wont connect, if it does connect, fine, if not then your cell is broken and you will need to see your repair man.

You accidentally removed the blueparrot WIB250-XT from your I phone 6, and need instruction to reinstall.

You may find the users guide on the following web site. or visit the VXi web site at, go to the support tab (new window), support tab – Manuals, Find the B250 XT and download.

I hear fine with headset but nobody can hear me.How do I fix my problem with my blueparrott B250-XT?

Your Microphone volume is real low